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A Beginner’s Guide to DMT Vape Pens

A Beginner’s Guide to DMT Vape Pens

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  • DMT can be combined with a mixing agent to produce DMT E-liquid to be vaped 
  • Vape pens allow users to fully control the dosage 
  • There is no data regarding the safety of DMT vape pens

Despite popular belief, drinking ayahuasca or smoking powder from a glass pipe isn’t the only way to experience DMT. It can also be mixed into E-liquid, casually referred to as “vape juice”, and inhaled using common vaporizers or E-cigarettes The vapes don’t require any modifications to be used with DMT, and pre-loaded DMT vape pens can also be found online for a couple hundred dollars or less. 

Vaping itself is nothing new. While they have been associated with cigarette smoking cessation, E-cigarettes have also been linked to several lung conditions including cancer and emphysema

Given vaporizers connection to a number of health conditions, is vaping safer when it comes to DMT? Are DMT vape pens any better than other vape pens?

What Are DMT Vape Pens and How Do They Work?

A vape pen is a vaporizing device designed to vaporize distilates and oils. They are mostly used to vaporize nicotine and cannabis. They are called pens because their compact design resembles that of a traditional ballpoint pen and consists of two pieces: a battery and a cartridge. The vaping substance known as E-liquid is often flavoured and comes in prefilled or refillable cartridges. A DMT vape pen is simply a vape pen, or E-cigarette, that uses an E-liquid cartridge that contains DMT. As with cannabis, vaping DMT can have some benefits like ease of use, convenience, and control over dosage. The psychoactive effects of vaping DMT are mostly identical to those experienced when smoking it. 

Buying DMT E-liquid isn’t always an easy task. Some distributors make their own DMT vape juice and sell it only to a clientele that they know and trust. DMT is a controlled substance and remains illegal in many places. However, it is possible to find cartridges online, especially if one ventures into the dark web, or even social media. Once the cartridge is in hand, vaping DMT is much like vaping any other substance, but with a few simple differences to distinguish the experience

For example, many users have reported that shaking the pen prior to vaping DMT helps enhance the effects. This is because DMT seems to separate from the mixing agent used to create the e-liquid and shaking it helps recombine the two. It is also necessary to have a battery that burns on a high charge as DMT needs to be very hot to vapourize properly. The most important thing to have in mind before vaping DMT —or consuming any psychedelic substance, for that matter— is that set and setting are key. Vaping DMT should be done, if at all, in a comfortable and safe environment, ideally with a trip-sitter.

Why Do People Choose to Vape DMT?

The main reasons why people choose to vape DMT is the convenience, and the fact that a DMT vape pen can be very discreet. The preferred method of smoking DMT powder is generally a glass pipe.

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Vaping DMT is appealing to some users because it allows them to control how fast and how deep they want to go with each puff. The effect can be as intense or as moderate as they want. Finally, some drug users with serious dependencies are turning into vaping as a form of harm reduction. While vaping a substance does not mean sobriety by any means, being able to control the dosage and the effects does help heavy drug users better control their. 

Are DMT Vape Pens Safe?

There is no currently research concerning the safety of DMT pens specifically. However, there is enough data on vaping to know that vaping regularly can have the same health consequences that smoking cigarettes/cannabis does. Another aspect to keep in mind is the fact that there is zero regulation around DMT E-liquid, so determining whether you’re buying a pure substance or something that is laced with harsh chemicals is nearly impossible unless you produce the liquid yourself.

Finally, please remember that DMT is still prohibited and illegal in most countries. Having a DMT pen can get you into a lot of trouble. Stay safe.

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