About Us

Truffle Report is dedicated to bringing you the best of the burgeoning psychedelic space. 

We’re here to help make sense of psychedelic businesses and investment. 

We’re interested in the latest medical and scientific developments. 

We want to know what experts are saying about legality.

We’re also curious about the past. 

Our goal is to learn all we can about these substances and the people involved with them, and to share that knowledge with you.

 Together, we can understand how to make the most of these opportunities.

 Here’s our promise. 

First, Do No Harm

It’s the abiding principle on which medicine is practiced under the Hippocratic Oath, and it has us thinking. Puff Digital, Truffle Report’s parent company, focuses on compliant and engaging content for restrictive verticals such as Cannabis. In the future, these verticals are also likely to include legalized medical, therapeutic, and recreational psychedelic compounds. As such, we have a responsibility to be more than just compliant and to make an acknowledgement to you, our readers, clients, and partners.

Truffle Report is relatively new in this space. The spiritual, medicinal, and recreational use of psychedelics are ancient practices, found in cultures across the globe through nearly the entire length of recorded human history. Our goal is to deliver the best possible content, reflecting all that psychedelics have to offer, without distorting, idealizing, or fetishizing the practices of these cultures. We also seek to handle these substances with care, to encourage responsible business practices, stay up-to-date on the latest medical and scientific data, and to feature relevant disclaimers on how they are known to affect mental and physical health.

Our mission is to accurately represent psychedelics, along with our intentions surrounding them.