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(OTCPK: EHVVF) – Ehave – Company Profile

(OTCPK: EHVVF) – Ehave – Company Profile

Ehave Inc. (OTCPK: EHVVF) the prominent player on the psychedelics shares market.

The psychedelics pharmaceutical sector is causing a big noise in the stock market. The psychedelics stocks are the new discussion by analysts of new market tendencies and risky opportunities.

This movement is growing faster and in an organized way. With several players not only researching new products but create an integrated ambient and a solid structure around this market.

Between these companies, we have Ehave Inc. that develops healthcare software solutions. It offers behavioral neurological applications helping children with autism or ADHD.

Its main activity is creating a software-based assessment and remediation tool for children used in the professional assessment tools for the treatment of its cognitive disabilities.

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Two tools examples are Mega Team and Ninja Reflex. These digital assessment and rehabilitation software enhance patient engagement and data modeling helping with the treatment of young patients.

Ehave Inc. decides to enter the psychedelics-based drug industry, merging developments of software for cognitive enhancement and treatment of mental diseases with psychedelics medicines.

Its intention is to, by its won words, develop “technology-focused, data-driven, and medical-based solutions dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, Autism, and addictions…”

Mycotopia Therapy

Mycotopia Therapy is a completely owned subsidiary from Ehave Inc, to make investments on the psychedelics medicines market.

The new treatment that this company is evolving is one that brings to us a new paradigm for mental wellness.

It doesn’t call its product as “treatment”, the concept is deeper and the enterprise offers a “ human experience of building a roadmap of optimal mind-body-spirit health”.

Ehave Inc’s propose is to healing the patient’s brains broadly.

But not only that, Ehave Inc wishes to help common and healthy people to enhance their minds with self-knowledge, emotional issues, and improving their career.

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It expects to do that with a psychedelics therapy with a spiritual and holistic approach for healing or improving the mindset of its patients.

Recently Mytocopia Therapy shows up its intention on the acquisition of PsychedeliTech aiming to advance its position on the Psylocibin therapy research.

The PsychedeliTech is a subsidiary of Israel Cannabis Ltd. a company focused on collaborating with the advance of the psychedelics in medicine worldwide providing a platform for scientists, businesses, and investors to collaborate to psychedelics-based research.

The psychedelics-based medicines are evolving quickly to become the nest therapeutic frontier in the treatment of mental illness.

The Financials of Ehave Inc.

Like another disruptive enterprise, Ehave Inc doesn’t show common Financial Statements. Since it is practically only a research firm, it doesn’t have a product to sell none a consistent Cash Flow.

It presents only expenses that make it impossible to do the traditional financial analysis. To analyze this type of company we have to do some conjectural and subjective analysis to elucidate its potential for future profits.

We have to remember that the psychedelics stock market is like the west run, very risky, but could be very profitable.

There is no much financial information in the conventional fonts, and even in the SEC filings of Ehave Inc, the financial statements are not very detailed.

This happens because the enterprise does not have much to show. It has only an idea and people that believe in it, as is common for startups.

Not exactly a recommendation

Besides this subjective interpretation of the financial conditions, the psychedelics-based companies have an asset, the huge potential demand for this product.

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Today, mental illness is one of the paradigms to be handle by the pharmaceutical technology.

Some information is scaring but also is a potential for the psychedelics-drug producers.

Only in the U.S. are 40 million people affected by anxiety, 10 million adults with ADHD, 20 million Americans with some substance abuse disorder (addiction), and 17 million adults with major depression.

To anyone, this informations sounds like a disaster, but for the pharmaceutical sector, this is a great opportunity.

The transformation of this potential revenue into a real one depends on two very risky factors.

The first is the success of the experiments that the company has to do to attend the FDA specifications. The second is the approval of its medicine, not only by the FDA but also by the conservative society reluctant to accept a psychedelics-based medicine.

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Once a time these two barriers are transposed by Ehave Inc, the path to higher profits is totally open.

So I think that the psychedelics stocks are a huge opportunity to drive portfolio valuation but at a considerable risk level.

By the end, the scenario is favorable to psychedelics-based drug enterprises, since the conventional treatments no longer show satisfactory results in many cases.

With some parsimony, the psychedelics shares should be part of the portfolio of every investor that is willing to take some risk.

So, you should have Ehave!

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