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Join the Conversation on World Psychedelics Day

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One of the brighter points of the undeniably gloomy past year has been watching the resurgence of psychedelics. Whether as medicines, in business and investment circles, or simply as a cultural force, the conversation seems to be everywhere, underscored by the pressing need for novel approaches to mental health brought about by Covid-19. World Psychedelics Day, to be held tomorrow (6:20) is an attempt by leaders in the space to keep abreast of the rapidly changing psychedelic landscape. 

Speakers will include such luminaries as Rick Doblin of MAPS, Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation, Dr. Gabor Maté, Paul Stamets, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, and Dr. Dennis McKenna, among many others.

When asked for comment on just how far psychedelic medicines have come, World Psychedelics event organizers provided us with this response from renowned researcher Dr. Dennis McKenna.

“After being marginalized, vilified, and prohibited for over 40 years, psychedelics are coming into their own.The potential of these healing medicines to cure the sicknesses of our wounded culture are finally being recognized on a global scale. Their secret power, long known to indigenous peoples, and now backed by excellent science, are needed more than ever by a planet in crisis. World Psychedelics Day celebrates this awakening and the better future that it presages.”

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Madison Nobbs, Director of Ketamine Assisted Therapy Association of Canada (who are sponsoring the event), added that  “Psychedelics are becoming mainstream, you don’t have to look far to find an article discussing the potential positive impacts they can have. It is clear that the collective desire to improve our mental health is growing rapidly and this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the power of interdisciplinary and team-based solutions to health and wellness. We all, especially those who are practitioners, hold the responsibility of educating ourselves on the history, current research, and of the innovations in both medicine and business. World Psychedelics Day is bringing together some of the brightest minds across all sectors to do just that.”

World Psychedelics Day will include panel discussions on the many paths being taken toward the legalization of psychedelics, medical breakthroughs, indigenous ownership and traditions, and access by marginalized communities. 

#Psychedelic use is on the rise among college-age adults in the US. - @lucidnewssite

'Early 2020 saw psychedelic use among college-age young adults reach its highest levels since 1982, the culmination of a five-year upward trend.'

Great review on the impact of psychedelics on neuroplasticity from the team at Maastricht!

Why More Young Women Are Taking Shrooms

"...young women report taking shrooms recreationally and doing it predominantly to aid their mental health."

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