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Psychedelic Science and Medicine Roundup: April 3-9

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With each passing week we continue to see advances in the scientific and medical fields of psychedelic research. As this body of work continues to grow, Truffle Report has compiled a roundup of major medical and scientific news from April 3 to April 9 2021, making it easier for you to track these ongoing developments.

Music May Play a Critical Role in Psychedelic Therapy Sessions
April 6, 2021 – NeonMind Biosciences announced the commencement of a three phase study dedicated to creating an ideal musical playlist to accompany therapeutic psychedelic sessions. Previous research has established that the choice of music for a therapeutic psychedelic session can significantly impact the experience.

Psychedelics Specialist Starts Phase IIa Test of Lead Candidate
April 7, 2021 – A Phase IIa study has been initiated for RL-007, lead candidate of Recognify Life Sciences, a subsidiary of Berlin-based biotech giant ATAI Life Sciences. The firm has received clearance from the FDA to commence clinical trials in the U.S. The study is a single-arm, multiple dose protocol designed for people who exhibit cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, which evaluates the effects of the drug on safety and tolerability, electroencephalograms and cognition.

Entheon Launches Psychedelics Pre-Screening Genetic Test
April 7, 2021 – Entheon Biomedical Corp. (OTC: ENTBF) a company dedicated to the application of DMT in the treatment of addiction, has announced the launching of a psychedelics genetic test kit, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, HaluGen Life Sciences Inc. The test will serve as a pre-screening platform for patients looking into psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, showing genetic, personal and familial insights to improve patient care and reduce possible risks associated with this kind of therapy.

Approval Granted for Clinical Trials of an AI THERAPIST Working Alongside Psychedelic Drugs to Treat Depression and Addiction
April 7, 2021 – A treatment that combines an artificial intelligence therapist with psychedelic drugs to treat depression and addiction has been approved for clinical trials. ATAI and digital therapeutics specialist Psyber are working on a brain computer interface (BCI) based around an electroencephalogram (EEG).

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Mydecine Unveils Four Psychedelic Drug Candidates
April 7, 2021 – Mydecine Innovations Group (OTC:MYCOF), a Denver-based psychedelics research company, announced four lead novel drug candidates. Mydecine plans to present the candidates at Pre-Investigational New Drug meetings with the FDA and Health Canada, a step that is necessary to obtain approval for drug development and clinical trials.

Three Studies Investigate the Role of Psychedelics in Treating OCD
April 8, 2021 – There are currently three studies looking into the use of psilocybin to decrease the symptoms of OCD. The first of these is being led by Professor Francisco Moreno, from the psychiatry department of the University of Arizona. The second study is being conducted by Benjamin Kelmendi, a principal researcher from Yale University. The third is being led by Professor David Nutt from the Center for Psychedelic Research at the Imperial College London.

Can you experience #psilocybin withdrawal?

Chemical dependence isn't usually an issue with psychedelics, but it's important to examine your relationship with any substance, particularly one that is fast becoming a mental health fix.

Full article here:

"Scientists are designing new psychedelic-inspired drugs that don’t yet exist, which might have effects no one can yet describe."

Beckley Psytech leads a new project focused on addressing psychiatric and neurological conditions through the use of psychedelic medicines.

Introduced by Representative @PeterforMO, a new bill in Missouri proposes to significantly decrease penalties for possession of #psychedelics, #cannabis, and other controlled substances.

Full story here:

#missouri #missourinews #legal #statelaw

Covering psychedelics reform in 2022—and its rapidly growing bipartisan appeal—has been so interesting. Like:

“We don't need to lock up people because they ate some mushrooms” is something a GOP lawmaker in one of the most conservative state legislatures casually just told me.

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