Truffle Report Editor James Stephen sits down with the team from Dimensions Healing to talk about the challenges and opportunities of building a legal psychedelic retreat in Ontario, Canada.

Dimensions is building multiple psychedelic healing centres in Ontario’s Algonquin Highlands, Costa Rica, and Jamaica.

While awaiting regulatory changes in Canada, they’ll be catering to Section 56 exemptions for psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy. They’ll also be offering legal psychedelic-inspired experiences, including conscious cannabis use ceremonies.

They are also collaborating with Queens University in a research partnership designed to improve therapeutic outcomes.

Chris Dawson, CEO,

Chris was the founder & CEO of Edgewood Health Network, the largest private network of residential/outpatient treatment providers in Canada. He led the merger and acquisition of Canada’s top 3 treatment centres to form Canada’s largest entity of treatment centres and outpatient clinics.

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Andrew Galloway, COO,

Former National Director of Edgewood Health Network; leading 10 outpatient centers. Andrew was the former VP at GreeneStone Muskoka, an International Certified Alcohol and Drug Counsellor and has 14 years working directly for the NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse Program.

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DEA Again Boosts 2022 Production Goals For Psychedelics Like Psilocybin, MDMA and DMT: The final revised quotas "reflect DEA’s estimates of the medical, scientific, research, and industrial needs of the United States for 2022."

BREAKING: MAPS and Vine Ventures announce creation of $70m SPV to fund patient access infrastructure and research for MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD.

@MAPS, @VineVentures

What do we want the future of #psychedelic business to look like? We attended the Ethics in Psychedelics panel at this month's #PsyCap, hosted by @MicrodoseHQ, for some perspectives from @JasonNajum, @PaulaKahn2020 and K'uychi Florez.

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"Psilocybin can treat depression, alcoholism, PTSD, and even cluster headaches. Why is it still illegal?"

Couldn't have said it better. Quality work from @thewalrus.

Full article:

#clusterheadaches #psilocybin #psilocybinheals

BREAKING: This morning,@jyduclos granted 2 more Canadians sec.56 exemptions so they may legally access #psilocybintherapy for end-of-life distress.

44 patients supported by TheraPsil now have exemptions.

Minister, THANK YOU.

Please continue to approve ALL in medical need.

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